Happy new year everyone! In the spirit of the new, we wanted to share this incredible effigy, built and indeed burned by Jody Benedict and her family. This Monster Mask and the Jabberwock are perfect for scaling up as they are meant to be built from corrugated cardboard, so if you still have some packaging from the holidays, this is a great way to reuse for art's sake.


"I printed the whole thing at 202%, so I had to tile all the pieces before we even started cutting them out. Had so much fun building it as a team and we didn't have to be too careful because it's final destiny was our annual solstice fire. It was a big hit." - Jody B.


Speaking of going large, just look at this massive Polyface V2 made by Jas Gray for the stage. Going large with plywood and joining edges instead of tabs is simply awesome for stage props. There are a number of ways to scale-up any of our templates, from masks to models. The most straight forward technique is to scale-up in your printer settings and print out as big as your printer can handle, but some builders have tiled together A3 sheets as well. Let's explore more.



Here, we see a really creative and cool way to scale up. Our good friend and amazing educator, Benoit Claude-Lafay projects the templates onto a mass of material and traces them for cut out. This is a really clever way to work around a small printer issue.

Maybe you have a big build you wish to share? Or, if you end up making something incredible from our templates, we'd love to see what you have created. Send your story and photos to any time. In the meantime, check out our blog journal tutorials to see the global community techniques used to go large.


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