• The Awakening 2023

    The Awakening 2023

    The Awakening 2023 was another exciting chapter in the annual cultural arts gathering known as Freedom Festival, which is an amazing immersive community experience in the city centre of Hull. Check out the latest full feature, see Steve's incredible Owl with a wingspan of 3.3 meters and find out how 36,732 Freedom Foxes were dispersed in Hull. 


    2023 is here and things are scaling up to be a fantastic new year. This feature is all about MASSIVE heads, effigies and new beginnings. Check out what happens when the build community goes LARGE.


    As a mask designer, there's nothing more rewarding artistically than collaborating with amazing photographers from around the world. Check out our latest feature showcasing some of the most iconic mask shoots yet. Inspired? Get in touch and let's document some more masked adventures together.
  • One Template, Ten Thousand Foxes

    One Template, Ten Thousand Foxes

    What makes our papercraft designs different? How can just one template yield so many variations? Your masks are unique because the process of making is just as important to us as the finished piece. Our masks are not merely assembled, they are created. Read on to see a mask and community of many colours.
  • Cosplay Costumes with Wintercroft Masks

    Cosplay Costumes with Wintercroft Masks

    Want to know how to make your favourite characters from film, television, fiction or comic books? With over 150 unique designs in the Wintercroft mask range, you can easily find a jumping off point for your favourite cosplay or LARP costume. Check out our new blog to see the amazing costumes and get some fresh ideas.
  • Wizard of Oz Part One

    Wizard of Oz Part One

    Join us on an epic adventure with our virtual online play of the classic Wizard of Oz. It was such a treat to put this together with our online community and further instalments will be coming soon. Details are here in this latest blog post.