Frequently Asked Questions


I have no credit card can I pay with PayPal?

Yes you can pay with PayPal.


Do I get a download or do you ship it to my address?

You get an immediate download you then print out.

Do you sell completed masks?

I’m based in the UK and I think that the cost, difficulty and not to mention the environmental impact of shipping a large, fragile object to the US, for example, would be prohibitive.
The original idea was to produce a low impact alternative to shop bought masks. The instructions and templates are designed to be easy to follow, so that the mask can be assembled by anyone, using local materials and removing the need for shipping. Besides it’s very satisfying turning what is waste 2D material into a 3D mask.

Can I use the mask in my video?

The masks are intended as a personal craft project and are not for commercial use. If you do want to use them for anything else then please ask us first. 


So do I need a colour printer for these masks?

The PDF templates are black and white with the idea that you can decorate the mask yourself.

I'm in the US where letter-sized paper is easier to come by than A4. Do any of your plans run right up to the edge, or will I be okay printing on letter? Letter is a bit wider and a bit shorter than A4.

The templates are FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH BOTH A4 AND US LETTER PAPER. The templates are 1:1 scale and are intended to be printed at ACTUAL SIZE on either A4 paper (210mm X 297mm) or US Letter paper (8½" X 11"). In your printer setting please select the type of paper that you are printing on but DO NOT SCALE THE TEMPLATES TO FIT THE PAPER.

I am trying to print out the template and it is almost an inch to half an inch difference in size. I cannot get the 150mm line to be the size I need it to be. Is there a way to adjust this to fit the way It needs to?

Please check your printer setting.
Usually when you press print you get a dialog box with either print settings or print options. Just check that you are printing at full size and not scaling to fit the paper.

The program won't let me print them without signing up with a program that changes PDFs into other things. I’ve downloaded the masks how do I print them?

The easiest way to open and print the templates is by using Adobe Reader. It is a free PDF Reader from Adobe.
You can download it for free from here:

Some of the fold lines are missing on the print out what should i do?

This is usually caused by the way that your printer diver interprets the data from your PDF reader. It can be caused by an out of date PDF reader or printer driver. It can also happen if you print the PDF directly from your browser rather than downloading and saving the PDF to your hard drive and then printing from the Adobe Reader desktop app.

Please check the following:

  • Make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader and your printer driver installed.
  • Download and save the PDF to your hard drive and print from the desktop app rather than your browser.

Will your masks fit an adult?

All of our masks are design to comfortably fit an average adult.

Can I make the mask smaller so that it fits a child?

 Yes, you can easily scale down the masks in your printer settings when you print the templates. We find that around 85% of the original size works well for our 5 year old.


Could you recommend where I could buy "thin card" and "spray mount"... I'm a beginner at all of this and I want to buy the right supplies.

Reclaimed/recycled card is the first choice and the most Eco friendly.

I recommend using cardboard that is about the thickness of a cereal box - but basically anything that will hold a decent crease, as long as you can score and fold it Is the important factor.

If you do want to go out and buy supplies - office supply shops sell card. The minimum weight needs to be around 300gsm (any less is too flimsy).

As for glue; most of the time I use pritt stick (or equivalent) as it is cheap and easy to use.


I'm just reading the instructions for the skull mask and was wondering what does it mean when you "score the valley folds"?

The mask contains two type of folds, valley and mountain.
Valley folds look like a valley on a flat sheet. Mountain folds look like a raised ridge. by score i mean if you take a rule and line it up with the fold line you can then run something blunt like an old biro along the fold. this weakens the card so that when you make the fold the crease follows the score line.

How do you suggest binding the edges together?

The quickest easiest and in my option best way to join the edges is clear adhesive tape. Any brand will work but I use invisible tape.

Do all of the mask templates include tabs?

YES, all of our older designs now offer you the choice to build with or without using tabs.

I can't get edge number 1 to join up with edge number 2

There are two of each number.

You can start with any number. I find it easiest to start with the small pieces. Just choose a number, find the matching number and tape those edges together. So for example edge 5 joins to edge 5. Continue matching numbers until you have finished the mask.

If you have other questions regarding building your mask please take a look at this How To Video




I am very sorry but we are getting increasing requests to resupply files that have not been saved or lost by the customer. It is not physically possible for us to manage, therefore unfortunately due to the time involved in checking orders and reissuing download links we have had to implement an admin fee of £7.50 per order to cover the cost of verify past orders and sending out new download links.

If you have just ordered your mask and have had problems downloading your file please contact us by e-mail at

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