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Commedia Dell’ Arte


This special collection of masks represents Steve’s take on the classic 16th Century Italian caricatures that have endured for centuries on stage. They represent a stereotypical hierarchy of society that provides a great mechanism for storytelling be it comedy, tragedy, or an infusion of both. When Cheryl Stapleton of Learning Through Theatre highlighted that a papercraft Commedia Dell’ Arte Set would make a useful toolset for drama students to learn with, we were excited to help out and grateful for the information Cheryl provided along the way. This popular form of drama usually involves hand-crafted wooden masks that can be expensive to make, so this set will enable drama students and departments of all sizes and budgets access to the form without exhausting valuable resources. With the Pantalones of our time cutting off funds to the arts at every opportunity, we hope this proves useful to drama teachers around the world.

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