Daenerys Dragon Rider - Costume of the Year 2017

You soar on scales and leathery wings, screeching fear into the hearts of those you were born to rule.

Elena Wood was certainly set to rule Halloween 2017 with this deliciously epic Daenerys Dragon Rider costume - featuring our Dragon V2 as the centrepiece. We had to pick our lower jaws off of the floor when we spotted these photos on Instagram. Luckily, Elena was happy to send us some photos and detail all involved in what we think is costume of the year.

With Dragons three you free yourself from the shackles of servitude and burn your name into the hearts and minds of your minions.

Here, we get a closer look at the meticulous details of the costume which was designed and handmade by the unbelievably talented Casey Bloomquist. See below for the gear, specs and materials used to bring his vision to life.

Daenerys Targaryen Riding Drogon (G.O.T.)

- One Elena Wood (Incredible NYC Woman with great taste in Masks)  
- Wintercroft Dragon Head V2 Template (dragon head & claws on feet)
- Templates cut on Silhouette Cameo 3
- Daenerys' hands, feet & dragon pin 3D printed on an Ultimaker 2 in PLA
- Dragon wings sewn with Singer 4423 Heavy Duty
- Dragon head, claws & body painted with Montana Cans + Tamiya RC World paints, using stencil cut on Cameo 3


Costume design/build: Casey Bloomquist
Instagram: @caseybloomquist

Amazing photos: Alvaro Saavedra
Instagram: @alvarocine

Daenerys Dragon Rider: Elena Wood


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