February 06, 2018

Power to the Penguins

It was yet another exciting and unpredictable day at Wintercroft when all of the sudden, we received an urgent message from Greenpeace. Biff, bang, pow, the proverbial red phone rang and like a 60's episode of Batman, the topic was Penguins. The objective was clearly one of importance and urgency - raise awareness to create the Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary. Greenpeace needed many masks for many heroes, and they needed them quick.

Polly Bradon from Greenpeace photographed this excited waddle of Penguins in London as they celebrated Penguin Awareness Day 2018

The Penguins gather in great numbers at the National Theatre in London, raising awareness in revelry. Photo: Polly Bradon

Greenpeace Agent, Malena Persson captures convening Penguins in Edinburgh as they make a beak-to-beak pact of protection

Operation Protect Antarctic

The mission was clear. Whales, seals and penguins in the Antarctic sought sanctuary from industrial fishing vessels and intrusive human activity. To achieve this, a Mask was needed to become the face of a global movement, a movement that would demand the attention of the powers that be. Steve dropped everything and utilising his No Poly design techniques, he shaped the sleek-beaked Emperor Penguin Mask that would be donned and deployed 3,500 strong across 41 countries. The Worldwide Waddle was on.

Carl Naus from Greenpeace documents, in image, the Penguins' journey to the distant shores of New Zealand

Greenpeace Agent Elad Aybes captures an exploratory waddle in the deserts of Israel. They comb the rugged terrain. There are no Krill for sustenance here.

Reflecting at the edge of the Dead Sea, this Penguin contemplates the fate of her folk in a world much warmer than she can thrive in. Photo: Elad Aybes

Meanwhile, in Mendoza, Argentina, a Penguin collapses from the heat only to rise again. The March must go on. The word must be spread.


This footage just in from Greenpeace in Majorca, Spain

Andrea Bartosova from Greenpeace snaps a Penguin waddling the streets of Utrecht, nestled in the Netherlands.

Penguins raising awareness through performance in a much more familiar climate in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Jana Eriksson

Taking action in Tokyo, a massive waddle parades the streets. Onlookers are briefed and recruited to the mission. Photo: Jeremie Souteyrat

Back in Blighty, our bayonet-beaked, progressive Penguin soldiers unwind with a bit of an Antarctic shimmy. Photo: David Mirzoeff

Worldwide Waddle Continues

We are so thrilled to have been part of this important global action organised by Greenpeace. However, this mission is not over. The Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary project needs you now. Industrial fishing vessels are sucking up Krill each time they invade the territory of Antarctic wildlife. This is literally sucking the lifeblood out of the local wildlife who rely on the tiny, shrimp-like creatures to thrive. You can help put a stop to this by signing this petition. Then, why not build your own Penguin Mask, take a photo, and post it on social media with a link to the petition. Use these handles and hashtags to optimise outreach: @Greenpeace @Wintercroft #ProtectAntarctic.


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