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June 22, 2018


Individuality, Diversity and Freedom

When Vice got in touch with us about featuring our mask in a short documentary for Pabst Blue Ribbon, we were intrigued to know more based on the recent progressive work Vice had been doing to counter racism. Though not our usual type of collaborative venture, when we heard that the film featured a Syrian refugee who wears our Mask to help him celebrate his individuality without inhibition, we were all in.

"I'm still learning what freedom means to me. My dream is to be who I am, to be accepted as I am and be loved, as I am." - Subhi

Subhi, a San Franciscan Syrian refugee, fled his war-torn homeland so that he could be open about his sexuality without persecution or being locked up in prison simply for being gay. We were delighted to find out from Vice that his beautiful custom-decorated Half Fox Mask helped him adjust to his newfound freedom and the anonymity it provided helped him shed his inhibitions. We felt that this story was a positive note in the discord of modern times and we're so happy that Vice and Pabst are using their big voices to promote acceptance, freedom and individuality.

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