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June 14, 2018 2 min read

Revolutionary Fashion Culture

Jun Takahashi, Norbert Shoerner and Tim Blanks – these will be familiar names to anyone with a keen interest in cutting-edge fashion and the film, photographic and editorial circles that surround it. We were honoured by having our Gas Mask included in System Magazine No.11. The feature, entitled: We Are Infinite and Order-Disorder is a fascinating piece that dives deep into the mind of Tokyo fashion designer/noisemaker Jun Takahashi. It is a brain-blowing article that reveals how Takahashi’s Undercover Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection is much more than mere fashion.

Enter Jun Takahashi, Tokyo rogue visionary and one of Japan’s most original anarchic designers.

Takahashi is known for merging music and culture-crosstalk, while breaking traditions and only referencing past elements that perpetually belong to the future anyway. The focus of the piece is how his brand, Undercover, is about much more than meets the eye. His razor sharp, focused vision is evident throughout and it is interesting to read about his cross-pollinated inspirations and the revolutionary culture hybridisation that goes into his designs. A must-read.

Shoerner’s elegant futurism and playful expertise create visuals that emulsify in the mind’s eye

Behind the camera lens, we have Norbert Schoerner, purveyor of evocative imagery so potent, that his photos and films have been seen in countless fashion magazines, Cannes Film Festival and immersive 360° VR installations, such as Daydreaming with: Stanley Kubrick. Always embracing new technology, Shoerner continues to push visual boundaries as a master of many mediums.

"I want to isolate one subject, take it all the way, give it new meaning" - Jun Takahashi

Author of the piece, Tim Blanks, is the editor-at-large for The Business of Fashion and he has written for every magazine in the industry that matters, including: Vogue, GQ, The Financial Times, Interview, Fantastic Manand many more. His insight, incredible knowledge and ability to place fashion within the cultural zeitgeist at every possible angle has propelled him to the industry’s editorial zenith. Blank’s work is inspirational for any journalist who is fervent about documenting a sector of interest or global artistic community.

Click the image above or follow the link below to read the fascinating full feature in System Magazine No.11 in it's entirety. Also, explore the platforms of all involved in the piece with the clickable website links.

System Magazine No.11: www.system-magazine.com

Jun Takahashi's Undercover website: www.undercoverism.com

Norbert Shoerner's visual realm: www.dayfornight.tv

Tim Blanks, editor-at-large for: www.businessoffashion.com



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