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September 19, 2019 3 min read


Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for kids of all ages and it is equally thrilling for us to see what they come up with every season. Rather than going out and buying plastic, landfill-destined generic masks from a superstore, these crafty families make eye-popping costumes from everyday materials. Above is a fantastic example from Martha Keon in Pennsylvania. With nothing more than our classic Skull Mask and some old white tees, her family made a highly effective trio of Skeletons. Minimal materials, maximum impact. 



Here's a frighteningly fabulous family portrait. Sometimes a mix and match is the best way to turn a few heads on Halloween. Though the masks can make a statement by themselves, a complimentary outfit can really set them off. Here, we have a scarecrow, a couple of dragons and of course, the Bride, all looking amazing, even in everyday clothing. A few sets of claws never go amiss either. Well done Jessica B. and family.



Mythical creatures are a favourite Halloween theme for our builders and we have quite a few throughout our range. For example; The Doberman you see here (and our Jackal) have become popular as Anubis Masks. This Cerberus was cleverly constructed and customised by a boy called Waldemar and whether he's referencing the Greek myth, Fluffy from Harry Potter, or both, we are impressed by his detailed realisation from his deep imagination.



In this beautiful photo by Stacey Gabriel Photography, we see a dreamy twist on a classic tale. Sometimes a costume is more than just one person's outfit. In this case, the setting and the masked adults are very much a part of the Little Red Riding Hood costume. Are they protective Angel Foxes of the Deep Dark Woods? Or, you could be the Big Bad Wolf with the kids this year. Let the imagination run wild and make the whole family part of the fantasy. 



The Sugarmans were one of the most popular families on our social media platforms a few years back when they sent through these unbelievably awesome Jurassic Park themed costumes. The mobile paddock is an ingenious idea to keep sugar-addled candy crunchers safely quarantined as well. Remember, you can never go wrong with Dinosaur Masks and some matching pyjamas. Dinosaurs are always a safe bet, until the power goes out.



We are huge fans of @mydadmademedressup and we think it's one of the greatest profiles ever on Instagram. When we saw how he tied our Winged Herald's Helmet into this mighty Thor costume for his daughter, we were blown away. With all the Marvel madness of late, why not make your own super hero? For example, our Jaguar would make a great Black Panther and one of our skulls in crimson card could be Red Skull. Excelsior!



They say to go big or go home, but we say you can go big at home. You know those folks that go crazy with the lights at Christmas time? Why not show em' how Halloween is done with a massive Skull in the front yard? Xaq Pitkow went all out with one of the largest builds we've ever seen. Just look at the scale. 

Well folks, I hope these photos and links have provided you with all the inspiration you need to make Halloween 2019 something special. Remember, if you make something you are proud of, send us a photo and a message, or, let us know if we can help on info@wintercroft.com any time. Keep an eye out for some incredible new Halloween masks coming soon...


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