Why We Chose the 'Trophy' Theme For Our New Woodland Set

Pro-Construction and Anti-Destruction

If you have been following us through this wild and wonderful journey over the last few years, you probably know of our stance (and proactive involvement) in the global issue of animal conservation. However, if you are new to our online community, you might be wondering what this new Woodland Trophy Mask Set is all about? What does it represent? What is its purpose?

Unfortunately, the act of trophy hunting is still a thing. Killing animals for sport is wrong and killing endangered animals for any reason is a crime against nature. In response to this ongoing problem, we are flipping the idea of animal trophies literally on it's head by enabling you to display a beautiful animal likeness that you have created rather than destroyed. In our minds, the act of making a wonderful thing and mounting it for all to see is the opposite of the regressive, grotesque display of power and human dominance that trophy hunters indulge in.

The wall-mountable Mask idea is also utilitarian and we have had a large number of our builders request this feature. As much fun as it is to wear your Mask on a night out or at the party, you might want to have a special designated place to display your build as a work of art. This way, the choice is yours and your Mask will be out of reach from pets, little ones and envious mugs that don't yet know the joy of the creative craft. 

We hope you enjoy these special new Masks. A lot of love for these animals went into the design and none of us here at Wintercroft condone killing anything... except demonic entities from parallel universes, but that is another issue for another time. In the interim, check out the links below to our beautiful new Mask set various conservation campaign involvements.




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