ionnalee and Wintercroft in Not Human


The Urge is Animal - Not Human

Like a changeling priestess whose voice resonates and crystallises into a vast electric church, the beckoning opening call of ionnalee’s new audiovisual, ‘Not Human’ is impossible for a mortal to resist. It is answered by a spine-rattling pulse that pumps perpetual shockwaves into the heart of the listener, puppeteering the body into movement. Glacial keys strike out a melody that clatters melancholic and menacing, while dusty bass lines burst and bloom like a cloven hoof stamping into charge. We welcome the impact as the music hits us.



This music has claws that sink and rend with uncanny force. ionnalee evokes the goddess Skaði as she rears up for the chorus and unleashes a melody that is at once majestic, mysterious, visceral and beautiful.


In the beginning, we see ionnalee in human form with a crown of woven hair. She is casting her spell on a masked congregation of animistic acolytes who are transfixed by her primordial prowess. They glow as bone bathed in moonlight, ivory auras that stare statuesque. Some come alive and float as apparition avatars.



As the story unfolds, we witness a beastly becoming as ionnalee frees herself from the binds the human condition. It is a painful birth of hair from every pore, but soon a new being is revealed with a new method of movement and an invigorated sense of purpose. There is more to the story it seems… much more.


It is an incredible honour to collaborate with such a vital force in music and film as ionnalee. Follow the links below to find out more about this phenomenal audiovisual artist and keep an eye out for our future projects. Please see all the credits in the video to find out about all the talented people involved in making this vision come to life.

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