by Fletcher Stewart March 17, 2017

In this increasingly digital existence that we are literally integrating into bit by bit, it is a deeply satisfying and soothing experience to look at art in high quality physical print. Free from the scanning blaze of the screen, the eyes relax into the pages, drinking in the alternate universes created by the many minds that unfold from within.

We are thrilled to be included in Issue 8 of 'Inside Artists' (which you can get a copy of while it is in print) with our friend and co-conspirator Wojtek Grabalowski. You might be familiar with the VOID imagery within from our collaboration with Wojtek's new moniker ENTITEE.UK, but we must say that it looks beautiful set out in tangible media format with the inks glowing from the pages. This project is the proverbial gift that keeps on giving and we look forward to future collaborations...

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Fletcher Stewart
Fletcher Stewart


Greetings Wintercroft builders! My name is Fletch and I am the new recruit around here in Low Poly Land. I am thrilled to be working alongside Steve and Marianne in this unique endeavour. I'm here to answer your questions, share your creations on social media and write about some of the wild Wintercroft adventures you share. I am a musician, writer and Interstellar Barbarian with a keen interest in artistic endeavours and people getting together to make and share cool stuff. Stay tuned and keep in touch...