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February 06, 2019

Flaming Effigy Illuminates Burning Seed

There is something so natural and alluring about investing time, thought and sweat into a work of art that's immediate destiny is destruction. This is something we understand well here at Wintercroft with our paper masks. Perhaps there is a chilling beauty and honesty in finality that resonates within all of us mortal creatures. In this particular action, a skeletal structure holding the world in it's grasp represents the greed, corruption and disregard for humanity that is the global elite. The powers that be who put profit above people in all of their actions. Glenn Todd's vision for Burning Seed was to set this symbol of the corrupt ablaze and we are delighted to report that the head was our original Skull Mask design.


"This design was completed in four days after my original submission was deemed too complex to build with resources and budget. The build took three weeks onsite at Matong State forest." -Glenn Todd


"Standing on top of his temple of power, the Patriarchal elite holds our planet within his hands, exerting his vision and control." -Glenn Todd


"People from all walks of life are organising, resisting, applying alternatives and creating the new technologies that will drive us into the future. We are creating the new communities that are challenging his old models, disempowering him, making him unstable and volatile." -Glenn Todd



We would like to thank Glenn Todd and the team at Burning Seed for all the hard work that went into this uncompromising vision and indeed for making our Skull a part of it. We urge all to check out his website for more about this awesome project by clicking the link below:



"Together we create that special space, to expand our personal expression, exploring our inner power and challenging barriers that hold us back. Evolution within our hearts, together we revolt " - Glenn Todd

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