Children's Party Ideas

A Green Children’s Party Hack

Children’s parties are a part of most parent’s life. This proverbial herding of cats can be daunting, and it is completely normal to freak out a little when it dons on you that you will oversee entertaining your own and other’s children for a few hours. Sure, you could ply them with sweets and bags of plastic bits that may end up in the rubbish bin after a single play session easily enough, but we believe there is a better way to host birthdays parties for both parents and our planet alike. What if the kids created something incredible together and had something to take home that they were proud of? Something that marked the occasion as one to remember…


A Dragons Favourite Food

Steve and I have created a party activity pack that is tailor made for birthdays, holidays and rainy days - a full solution for an eco-friendly, creatively stimulating, and most importantly, FUN day with the kids. A Dragons Favourite Food is our mask making, map reading, imaginative play pack that includes everything needed for an amazing kid’s party. It comes in either physical or digital format and you’ll have a blast becoming a Giant, Dragon and Evil Wizard while fearless bunnies explore forests, caves, ice bridges and bat-infested steeples. We created this rhyming adventure story with games and activities for our families and now we share the experience with yours.


Party Masks to Craft and Decorate

Other awesome options for a kid’s party are our Woodland Animal and Jungle Animal Mask Sets. These come ready to print out and build and we've had a great time with our own children's birthdays either crafting together and playing indoors if it's rainy, or, pre-building masks on plain white card and putting a big pot of marker pens in the middle of the table for a decorating session. We've even taken the kids to the park or woods and gathered pine needles and grass for whiskers and twigs for horns. Whichever way you go, the kids will have a blast creating together and engaging in imaginative social play. No screens or bags of plastic things required.




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