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A Dragon's Favourite Food Activity Pack

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A Dragon’s Favourite Food is a creative family adventure pack that is great for birthdays, holidays and rainy days. Build masks, decode maps, recite spells and become immersed in a creative adventure like no other. Your Activity Pack ships free to UK and as cheaply as we can to the rest of the world, with everything you need to begin you quest. The standard pack caters for five children. For bigger parties, order more bunnies in fluffles of five.

A Dragon's Favourite Food was created (while balancing on a tightrope juggling otters) by Steve Wintercroft, Fletcher Stewart and Lee Bruce. We made this for our kids and want to share the fun with you and your family. Learn More 

  • 5 child-sized rabbit masks
  • 3 adult-sized character masks (Evil Wizard, the Hungry Dragon and the Forgetful Giant)
  • The Good King's Crown
  • The wands of the King and Wizard
  • The King's Map
  • A rhyming adventure story with games and activities

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