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Copernicus the Unicorn

We’ve created this free project as a fun craft activity that can be enjoyed by anyone, but particularly to support parents, teachers and those looking after young people. We love finding new ways to keep our kids creating, learning and exploring. The Unicorn Model is made in the same way as our low poly masks. Simply download, print and build. Then the kids can paint, colour, use felt-tip pens, or whatever is in the house to bring Copernicus to life in their own unique way. This is a redesign from our 2015 Copernicus model that was made for Christopher of "Service Unicorn", his experimental electronic music project.

We are giving this template away for free. If you know somebody else who might enjoy it, please direct them here where they can download their own copy. We ask you not to share or distribute the template yourself as it could cause confusion about what can and cannot be done with our work. As usual, this design is protected by copyrighted and is intended for personal use only. Selling items made from our templates is prohibited. Now that all that is out of the way, have fun building Copernicus with your loved ones. 


- Steve, Marianne and Fletch