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For those in the know, the mere sight of Socketface conjures up one of the most curious folk tales of old English lore. Empty holes create an illusion of expression but reveal nothing of the soul within. During the demon invasion of Dunly Bridge, this particular nightmarish creature was said to eat by a method of strong inhalation that left nothing of it’s food but a floppy suit of skin. The strange custom of the Long Face Festival is held by local town folk to trick the Devil into thinking the village is just how he left it, full of demons. Originally made from wood and handed down as heirlooms, these modern masks are now made using papercraft techniques.

  • Each year, on October 31st, the residents of Dunly Bridge are said to celebrate the unusual tradition of the Long Face Festival. Apparently, those caught without a costume after sunset are put in shackles and caged until the first rays of sun fall on Dunly Bridge in the morning November 1st. The history of the Long Face Festival dates back over 400 years and is believed to have originated alongside the Devil of Dunly story.     

  • Simply print the templates on paper, stick them to card, cut them out, match the numbers and join the tabs together. The Mask is scaled to fit an adult but you can make children's masks by scaling down the templates when you print - check our FAQ page for details. The templates come with instructions for an internal head band that can be adjusted by moving the fixing points to get a snug fit.

    • Supplied as an instant access PDF that you can download and print on any home printer
    • Choose to build with tape or gluing tabs
    • Robust No Poly construction to survive the wildest of parties
    • Ideal for festivals, parties, special events or simply for fun
    • Our No Poly Masks are our latest advancement in Papercraft Mask design. Whilst in keeping with our overall manifesto of helping you to create beautiful and fun things, No Poly is a completely new design-and-build experience for you - a preternatural evolution from the restrictions of Low Poly - that lets us push the boundaries of what can be achieved.



Long red masks, torches, chains and dances by the fire - this is what one might see if they were to visit the rural riverside town of Dunly on All Hallows Eve. Many have heard the tales, but those who've claimed to have witnessed these strange customs, are dismissed as attention seekers, fibbers or madmen due to the fact that access to town is cut off in late October. The good news is, you can bring the Long Face Festival to your own town and dupe the Devil by making all the masks from the Demons of Dunly Bridge Collection.


These masks are designed to be easily built by anyone, using local materials, removing the need for mass manufacturing or shipping and with the minimum environmental impact.

  • They are supplied along with a set of instructions as a PDF that you download immediately and print on any home printer.
  • They are supplied plain white so that you can decorate the finished mask however you like.
  • You are buying the templates and instructions only. You will also need access to a printer, paper, card, tape, and scissors.
  • The masks are designed to be easy to build: you don't need to be some sort of arts and crafts wizard.

Use this file to make as many masks as you like for yourself but please don’t share or steal the templates as there was a lot of work involved in creating them. If you want to use them for any other reason then please get in touch.

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