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Marble Racetrack Papercraft Sets

Download, print and build the ultimate Marble Racetrack with our new papercraft sets. Easy-to-build interchangeable parts enable you to build your own custom arrangements. See how far you can go with the Starter Set and then upgrade your track with the Booster Pack.

  • Download, print directly to card and build
  • All parts are interchangeable and reversible
  • Slot together sections to create new tracks
  • Duplicate sections to increase length and complexity     



The Starter Set

The Starter Set includes all the essentials to get racing. Arrange the Straight, Splitter and the Corner to create your own unique highspeed racetrack.

The Booster Pack

The Booster Pack has the parts you need to take your track to the next level. Increase speed with the Booster and jump over gaps with the Leaper. Spiral down the Helter Skelter and roll over the Humps.

Start on the floor or tabletop and use some books, boxes, or anything else around the house to create inclines as you join the interlocking, reversible track pieces. All components can be made using everyday materials much like our digital masks. Print directly onto thin card, cut out and build. The design of your Racetrack is only limited by gravity and your imagination. This makes for a fantastic family activity. You could even decorate the tracks with paint, felt-tip pens or coloured tape for extra table presence. The kids will have a blast exploring physics and dynamics while they build a super-highway of fun. We’re off to the races!

Our original Marble Racetrack Sets include interchangeable parts that lock into our new Wipeout and Afterburner Pack components for the ultimate experience in papercraft racing.

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