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Almost Infinite

Almost Infinite symbolised by twin concentric circles representing timelessness, potential, and the perpetual movement of all things.

Our Thundergate collection is expressed in fundamental geometric forms cast in interlocking Sterling Silver, passing through each other unbroken, move freely but bonded in an unbreakable union. 

Available either on its own or with a simple black satin cord.


Dimensions; Height: 29mm Width: 25mm Depth: 3.5mm

Thundergate cyberpunk girl with geometric silver pendant


Artefacts from the Gate

Join us at the boundaries where states meet, follow the blurred edges to the place where a momentary window leads outside. Explore the Thundergate project further by following the link below:



Made by craftsmen

Designed by Steve and made in small batches, our pendants are finished by hand creating subtle differences in the surface colour and texture. We ship our pendants worldwide in beautiful hand folded boxes making them a perfect gift.

STERLING SILVER: Made from Sterling Silver these pendants are hand cast in a process that captures a high level of detail. All of our pendants display the unique surface texture that is created by the casting process.

International Shipping:

If you are buying from outside the UK, please be aware that we have no control over any import duty that your country of residence might add and the responsibility for any additional import taxes or charges will be yours.