Our masks have been used in both portrait and fashion shoots by photographers around the world. 

If you would like to use our masks for commercial photography please contact us at




What mysterious cogs turn behind our ingrained mechanism of attraction? The primordial urge to explore could be our guide, but at what cost? The truth is, in artistic endeavours, we can shed the shackles of flesh-form living within the mind and be guided by a vision toward enlightenment. Perhaps the answers to all of our questions lay not only in our minds, but “suspended somewhere in the outer galaxies and at the bottom of our own oceans”, as visionary Wojtek describes in his mysterious manifest.

Enter ENTITEE.UK – Wojtek’s new moniker for his multidimensional artistic pursuits. This debut deep trip into new worlds and psyches germinated from a collaboration with Wintercroft Masks and quickly mushroomed into a new kind of creative collective that bonded many different disciplines brought together in pursuit of Wojtek’s vision. Let us find out what happens when mask makers, photographers, UV painters, models, dancers, writers and laser companies all come together to explore the fathoms of our many realities…


Sean Higgins Photography

Our Halloween classics, served up by Sean Higgins.

Photograph: Sean Higgins Photography
Instagram: @shotography


 Natalie Field - Animal Within

Animal Within was created in front of a live audience at the Photo & Film Expo 2015
This amazing series of photos was captured using only in-camera techniques without photo-manipulation.
Read more about this project on our blog :

Team Credits: Capture & Retouching | Natalie Field Photography -
Photographic Assistant | Mamaki Rakotsoana
Fashion | Lizan Zondagh Couture -
Masks | Wintercroft -
MUAH | Tris Alves -
Model/Dancer | Samantha Supra at Wessels Dance Studio -


Sean Higgins Photography

Fantastic photos of our Bat Mask and Demon Horns shot by Sean Higgins.

Photograph: Sean Higgins Photography
Instagram: @shotography
Model: Mason Dunne
Instagram: @dunneanddusted

Hand Painted Club

We teamed up with Wojtek from Hand Painted Club and a few of his creative friends to produce a series of darkly chilling images for this years Halloween Collection. Wojtek designed and hand painted a series of one-off creepy Halloween inspired custom T-shirts especially for the shoot. We love Wojtek's shirts and his Tattoo range raises the bar still further. inbox him for your one off T-shirt.

TATTOO hand-painted T-shirts by Hand Painted Club
Art direction by Wojtek Design
Photography by Pawel Smolinski

Models: Dominika Kujawa and Marcin P. Martinez
Make up by Agata Naniewicz
Hair by Agnieszka Kapela

Claudia Morales

These enchanting portraits where shot by Claudia Morales.


Hlo Photography

These beautiful engagement portraits where shot by Elodie from Hlo Photography.


The Gentleman's Club


Wojtek recently used our masks to set the mood for his brands clothing shoot. Living in London, Wojtek designs and hand-paints graphics for Tshirts, sweatshirts and other garments. His designs are worn by Icelandic band GusGus.

“The latest collection is called SIGNATURE and its inspiration come from art, music and everyday life. When I studied at Art University I was known to always experiment with crazy Ts. It was natural to start designing them for others to enjoy.

I purchase clothing from various warehouses and the choice is based on the design and its needs. I work as well with a number of fashion designers on their collections combining designs with hand-painted art.

I use Pebeo fabric paints for the painting and consists of two main steps: screen-print of the artwork which is then followed with hand-painted layer of glitter paint”

Photography by Pawel Smolinski

Wolf Silveri

Portraits by Wolf Silveri


Instagram Russia Community

Photos by Anastasia Klimova


Photos by Kristina Makeeva


Photos by Alexander Zelikov


Photos by Anna Lataria


KFearless Photography

Portraits by Kyla Fear


Gold and Grit Photography

Portraits by Stina


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