Founder Series - Primary Shell LED Mask

Wintercroft Primary Shell Sound reactive LED Light Mask

Limited Edition Primary Shells

The Kenton Robotics Primary Shell is a sound-reactive LED mask, 3D printed and handwired in a limited edition run of 10 units. These are built to order, inhouse at the Wintercroft Lab under the AI supervision of the late Dr. Monza Kenton. The lightweight, hardwearing face mask features a performance-ready, magnetised removable jaw for singing or addressing humans. The LED’s are powered by a rechargeable lithium ion polymer battery that lasts many hours on a single charge and the light patterns are triggered by a self-attenuating built in microphone. Secure your Primary Shell today and be a part of Dr. Kenton’s ongoing legacy.

Custom Colours and Programmable Light Sequencing

Make the mask your own by selecting your custom colour scheme. As we are only building ten, so with a custom colour it can be one of a kind. The 36 RGBW LEDs come pre-programmed to react in interesting patterns to any sound source, but the processor can be programmed via micro-USB.


Self-Attenuating Microphone Light Triggering

The programmable RGBW LED’s are triggered by the built-in, self-attenuating microphone. It will react to the most prominent transients in the environment automatically. Whether it is reacting to the kick drum, vocals or speech, the mic translates sound into beautiful and interesting light patterns that compliment the hardware aesthetic of the Primary Shell face.
Primary shell in red



Kenton Robotics - Part of the Thundergate Universe

Kenton Robotics is a fictitious company conceptualised by Steve Wintercroft and Fletcher Stewart as a key entity in the Thundergate world. Any resemblance to actual companies, living or dead is purely coincidental.This marketing campaign for our Limited-Edition Primary Shells takes inspiration from the satirical adverts woven into our favourite 80s sci-fi films. For more about Kenton Robotics, click here: Learn More

Wintercroft Primary Shell

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