Introducing the Drum Lamp


We are told that faster is better. Conditioned to value time over quality and speed over experience but by focusing on completing a task, we miss the process.

We believe that things should be done differently…

Wintercroft Design was formed on the belief that life is richer when we create the objects that surround us. With good design, making isn’t a task to be skipped, but an experience to engage in.

This is why we create objects that are designed to be made by you.



The Drum Light is a self-constructed pendant shade designed to highlight the process and materials that you will use to make it. An intuitive construction process provides the satisfaction of making without looking homemade.

The kit contains everything needed to build the shade including an E27 sized shade holder. The components are die cut, creased and embossed with edge-matching codes to enable you to press-out, fold and join each component.

    • E27 shade holder
    • Colour - White
    • Build time - 2-3 hours
    • Height - 315mm
    • Depth - 290mm
    • Width - 290mm
    • Die Cut Lamp components
    • E27 Stainless Steel Shade holder
    • Glue and instructions

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