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We are a family-run design company known for helping people make fantastical animal masks from sustainable materials. We believe that nurturing creativity makes the world a better place and choose to use creativity as a vehicle for initiating positive change. By supplying most of our masks digitally, we are eliminating the need for mass manufacture and reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. The masks and activity packs we do ship are made locally using sustainable materials. So, pour a cup of tea, get out the scissors, tape and paint and make something amazing.



Masks For Adults and Children

The Just So Festival Masks were designed to fit children, but the range you see on our website fits adults as standard. All of our masks can be scaled down easily to fit a child's head in the printer settings. Half Masks take less time to build and are fantastic for kids, first-time makers and masks on the go. Make them from 300 gsm card, or raid the recycling bin for some packaging materials. Even an old cereal box can be made into something incredible.



How to begin

I hope that you enjoyed building your first mask, now, with your 10% discount code, you can choose from our digital range of over 100 unique designs. Here's how it works: first, choose a Mask, add it to the cart, proceed to check out and enter your discount code. We'll send you an e-mail with a link that will enable you to download your PDF. You then print the templates, glue them to card, cut them out and build your mask. If you want to see the building process in action, watch the video below.



Terms and Conditions (Yawn)

  • Discount code is for one use per customer
  • Your code is good for any of our Masks (digital, physical and activity packs)
  • This code expires 01-01-2021
  • If you know any creative folks PLEASE SHARE THIS CODE

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