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We supply digital templates that help you to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Use them to turn a pile of card into a fantastical Low Polygon Mask. With a little guidance, anyone can create something beautiful and anyone can join our global creative community. Download, print, build it, wear it and share your creation with the World.

If you are ready to take the first step on a creative journey, let us be your guide.




Steve Wintercroft - Designer

Steve Wintercroft Designer and Creator

A trained cabinet maker and self-taught surfboard shaper, Steve progressed from building boards in his back garden to owning one of the UK’s largest surfboard factories. In 2013, he left the surf industry to launch Wintercroft, an environmentally conscious design company specialising in helping people make Masks from waste card.

In a varied career Steve has published seven papercraft books and worked on projects for Damien Hirst, Sir Paul McCartney, Björk and Game of Thrones. This latest project is driven by his belief that “life is richer when we create the objects that surround us”

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