The Plague Doctor Will See You Now

Generous contributor - welcome to the fantastical realm of Wintercroft Masks. We are pleased to greet you and thrilled to be assisting Emanuele Mengotti in his incredibly brave endeavour. The cinematic condition known as the The Plague Doctor is spreading fast and germinating global interest at an alarming rate. As a thank you for your contribution, we are pleased to offer you our Plague Doctor Mask so that you can protect yourself from any bad airs that aim to ail you.

• Click the highlighted text link and add one Plague Doctor Mask to your basket.
• Proceed to the checkout as normal and enter your coupon code in the field, halfway down the right hand side.
• The coupon will remove the value of one Plague Doctor mask from your order.
• Please download AND save your PDF

If by some strange set of circumstance you have landed here without a code, you can follow the link below to find out more about this amazing film and how to help bring it to life: