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Genus Mysterious Set

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There is a presence in the city. Strange occurrences and sightings are being reported at an increasing rate. Four enigmatic figures are prowling the rooftops, underground and alleyways. They seem to be isolated in their acts and almost territorial in their patterns, but there is one thing that seemingly ties them together… those Masks. Urban animals seem to be prowling the city. Mysterious figures looming from a hazy metropolis adorning strange headpieces have been reported. They watch from the rooftops, traverse the train line labyrinths underground and infiltrate the penthouses of the unscrupulous. They are the ageless and the faceless. They are known as Genus Mysterious.

Urban Animals

Genus Mysterious marks a fresh new territory in low poly animal Mask design. Steve pushes the limit with a slightly more experimental edge that exudes an urban animal street aesthetic. You can write your own chapter in the Genus Mysterious mythos by sharing photos of your masked experience when you’re out and about in your own city. Add a caption and tag @wintercroft or send them direct to us and we’ll post your real life comic book panel. Invincibility is not included – common sense, terms and conditions apply.

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