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Woodland Trophy Set

5.0 star rating 32 Reviews

This set of four woodland creatures provides you with completely new alternatives to some of our most famous animal Masks, with the much-anticipated Rook/Raven included for good measure. We also thought it would be fun to turn the whole idea of animal trophies literally on its head - your included optional wall mount enables you to show off an amazing creature you have created rather than destroyed. Choose to display, play or both with the world’s first wall-mountable and wearable animal trophy masks.

  • Our wall-mountable Masks enable you to either display your amazing creation as a fixed work of art, or take it out and about on a Masked adventure. It will also keep your new Mask safe from tyrannical toddlers, pets and any other less-developed curious creatures. The new wall mounts are lightweight and can be fixed to a wall easily with a nail or whatever is handy. Each mount is designed specifically for the Mask it was built for and will help you preserve your creation while not in use.


Our Trophy Masks are available individually here

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