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Winged Heralds Helmet

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When you go out for work in the morning, don’t forget to put on your Winged Herald Helmet. This essential headpiece gears one up for some sweat-of-the-brow grafting and crafting..

Our hats and helmets sit nicely (if they are exercised regularly and in a good mood) on one human head. Some of our hats and helmets can be custom-fitted with the internal headband included in the template, while others just do their own thing and use your head as a nest or landing pad of sorts. We hope you enjoy making and training them as much as wearing them.

  • Duties of the day might include protecting traders and travellers, escorting turgid mortal souls down to The Underworld or even delivering a few dreams at dusk. You’ll need your thinking and flying cap on while you’re working and luckily this model is both.

  • Simply print the templates on paper, stick them to card, cut them out, match the numbers and join the tabs together. The Mask is scaled to fit an adult but you can make children's masks by scaling down the templates when you print - check our FAQ page for details. The templates come with instructions for an internal head band that can be adjusted by moving the fixing points to get a snug fit. Some templates are supplied with component colour guides to help you create identifiable markings unique to the Mask.

    • Supplied as an instant access PDF that you can download and print on any home printer
    • Choose to build with tape or gluing tabs
    • Robust polygon construction to survive the wildest of parties
    • Ideal for festivals, parties, special events or simply for fun


These masks are designed to be easily built by anyone, using local materials, removing the need for mass manufacturing or shipping and with the minimum environmental impact.

  • They are supplied along with a set of instructions as a PDF that you download immediately and print on any home printer.
  • They are supplied plain white so that you can decorate the finished mask however you like.
  • You are buying the templates and instructions only. You will also need access to a printer, paper, card, tape, and scissors.
  • The masks are designed to be easy to build: you don't need to be some sort of arts and crafts wizard.

Use this file to make as many masks as you like for yourself but please don’t share or steal the templates as there was a lot of work involved in creating them. If you want to use them for any other reason then please get in touch.

By purchasing and downloading our mask templates
you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of use

The files are protected by copyright and are not to be shared or distributed in any way.
The templates and completed masks are for personal use only.
The masks and templates will not be used for commercial purposes without prior consent.
Selling items made from our templates and designs is prohibited.

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    Wintercroft Winged Heralds Helmet ReviewWintercroft Winged Heralds Helmet Review
    • Are you experienced in creative craft? Yes
    • Build duration 1-2 hours
    • How did people react to your new head? Wow! How did you make this?

    Thank you!

    Great! Thank you!!!

    Vanessa s.
    Wintercroft Winged Heralds Helmet ReviewWintercroft Winged Heralds Helmet ReviewWintercroft Winged Heralds Helmet Review
    • Are you experienced in creative craft? Yes
    • Build duration 4+ hours
    • How did people react to your new head? Wow! How did you make this?

    Cool helmet

    The building process. I made the helmet out of 300 g/m² A4 kraft paper. I tried to print the template right on the kraft paper, but my printer doesn't accept high density papers, so I printed it on regular A4 paper, then glued it on the kraft paper with white glue (Tip using white glue: spread it on the kraft paper's surface and then glue the regular paper on it, this helps to avoid ripples). In order to glue the tabs I used a kind of superglue with medium viscosity. The result was a really solid helmet. I painted all of it with white acrylic paint, then painted just the wings with gold spray paint. It looks really nice! I also built the internal headband so the helmet won't shift on my head when I move. It took me a little long to build because I was always stopping to do something else. Dificulties. I find out that the wings were a litte bit hard to fold because there are a lot of folds near each other. Thoughts on the design. This is a beautiful "mask" and looks nice alone on the head or as part of a costume or even as a decoration piece. It's simple and easy to build. If I could give the designer's an advice it would be to put aditional pieces in the template as alternatives for the wings, like ram's horns or a flat piece to close the helmet in case of people want a plain helmet. Sorry for any grammar error, english is not my mother language.

    Gustavo g.

    Hi Gustavo, Fletch from Wintercroft here. Thanks for building our Masks and for sharing your experience with us in detail. Your Helmet is fantastic! We hope you enjoy future builds and we’ll be here if you need anything at any time. All the best, Fletch www.wintercroft.com

    Wintercroft Winged Heralds Helmet Review

    Great winged Heralds helmet!

    This winged helmet was easy to put together simply by following the well explained and simple tutorial. I love the look and shape, so did everyone else who I met on my first of May celebration :-) This is my eighth Wintercroft mask I have gotten and there will be more because I just LOVE THEM

    Mats H.
    • Are you experienced in creative craft? No
    • Build duration 2-4 hours
    • How did people react to your new head? Intrigued,Amazed,Wow! How did you make this?,Fell to your feet in awe of your crafty wizardry

    fantastic helmet!!!

    My son and I had a great time building this helmet for his Hallowe'en costume. Instructions were super easy to follow and the finished product was great! We have since built the dragon claws (another fantastic design) and are looking forward to working on the dragon mask this weekend.

    H B.
    • Are you experienced in creative craft? Yes
    • Build duration 4+ hours
    • How did people react to your new head? Wow! How did you make this?

    Wonderful Winged Masterpiece

    Great fun coming up with creative way to make this. Ended up using mirrored card (about 300gsm) with double sided gold card for wings (about 150gsm), plus aluminium strips bent to shape inside for strength and battery operated LED lighting strips with sequencer and remote. Also, sprayed inside with a clear lacquer after making to ensure no moisture was absorbed into the card to make it soft or weak when wearing on a hot head (also gives a bit more strength).