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Echelon Void Set

Project Echelon Void has become increasingly obtuse as test subjects report experiences of metempsychosis that seem to blur the technological, biological and even spiritual lines of our reality. These “whole being hallucinations” seemed at first to be biotechnological phenomenon caused by the wearing of four mysterious headpieces. These artefacts were assembled from components of unknown origin recovered from Undersea Salvage Site B. Our Biotech Lab Technicians described the build process as a “paranormal intuitive assemblage” – it was as if the process was being guided by an intangible instructor.

The components appeared to be organic exoskeletal matter from unknown origin and exuded a phosphorescent glow when in close proximity. Longer exposure to the artefacts has revealed what one survivor (Agent 3) described as a “metaphysical super-state of consciousness”. The only uniform report in all experiments has been visions of both oceanic and otherworldly depths. Please see individual reports as pertaining to each headpiece.

The Masks that you are buying are supplied as a PDF and are scaled to fit an adult. The Masks can be scaled down to fit a child when you print the templates.

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