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Combining cutting edge tech and traditional craft

Artefacts from the Gate

I’ve always been interested in the idea of how digital media can be a bridge between real and imagined worlds. With the rapid progress and accessibility of new technologies, it is now possible to use stories and digital media to explain context and meaning of real-world objects, or create real objects that make intangible ideas physical and grounded to the real world.

Our latest extension to the Thundergate project explores this interplay between the real and digital, bringing digital artefacts into the real world to create our new collection of cutting edge silver icon pendants.

Cutting edge tech meets traditional craft

Fundamental geometric forms cast in interlocking Sterling Silver, passing through each other unbroken, move freely but bonded in an unbreakable union.

Join us...

"Join us at the boundaries where the states meet, follow the blurred edges to the place where a momentary window leads outside. Wait for me at the gate."

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