Sparrows Take My Heart Out Featuring Wintercroft



The burning bush of the Australian Outback summons another fever dream conjured by sonic sorceress, Sparrows. Like the fabled biblical brush-fire, Sparrows is burning ever brighter, whilst never becoming consumed by the flames of her vision, no matter how raw or personal the narrative. This sensory-stimulating single 'Take My Heart Out' touches nerve networks that twist and claw deep into the human psyche, percolating the urge to break free of self-oscillating situations that obscure one's true identity. It is haunting and revealing, yet ultimately, liberating to behold.



"The blue masked-person represents my ego - constantly trying to be at one with it and tame it. Sometimes we're at one, sometime we're not. Basically, this is what I think we're all trying to conquer on a daily basis."



Underwater atmospheres and pulses knock, yawn and moan, muted beneath earthy piano chord strikes as Sparrow's sultry, silken voice haunts the intro verse into form. We are transfixed and hooked as spellbound willing prisoners of the siren. This is the power of Sparrows. She manipulates textures, voices and tones into mind, matter and mood-altering sonispheres that orbit around complex emotions.



"If you fly up to the stars, go from Jupiter to Mars, would this help you understand what I know? I'd take my heart out - feed it to the lions. I'd pull the sun down - drown it in the sea."



Suddenly, all the elements of sound collide and explode into an uplifting melancholic shadowplay storm that evokes whirlwinds of backwards-spinning spectral voices that float, segment and dissipate under the song's manifesto declaration of pure freedom. It is joyful to get caught in the eye of yet another blinder from Sparrows.



We'd like to thank Sparrows and director, friend and collaborator Nick McKinlay for their continued interest in making our designs part of their vision. If you'd like to read a feature interview with this amazing artist and hear more tunes, follow the links below:


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