Quarantine Halloween Ideas

Halloween, like many things in this beast of year that is 2020, is going to be a different experience than before. While most of us will not be knocking on doors and filling buckets up with candy, there’s still so much we can do to have a fun, covid-safe Halloween. Here are five activities you can do with the family to ensure an amazing quarantine Halloween experience.


Decorate Your House

Imagine the neighbours’ utter awe when glowing faces from your windows watch them as they explore the neighbourhood. Perhaps Frank and the Bride would make good candidates for lighting from the inside with a flashlight, string of LEDs or something that is not flammable. You could make multiple Bat Masks and hang them round your house or dangle them from the porch. Or you could go big and build a GIANT SKULL onto your house.


Zoom Crafting Party

Making Halloween masks as a family together is a super fun way to catch-up with socially distanced loved ones. In real time, you will be building together, sharing decoration ideas, and creating incredible masks. Take a screenshot of the extended family all together in costume and have something truly positive and memorable to take away from this crazy year. Sometimes getting ready for the big night is as much fun as the occasion itself.



Pumpkin Spotting

Everyone loves a big orange pumpkin glowing in the night from it’s face. Every carving reflects the carver and much like making our masks, it is a great way for even non-crafty types to have a go at being an artist for a day. Sometimes, even the most rushed, raggedly cut, and simple carvings can have that special something that makes them all the more terrifying. So why not put your papercraft masks on and take in the autumnal air round the neighbourhood to admire all the creativity? Remember, we're out to minimise Halloween waste, so check out this handy blog from Eco-Age Magazine that features some amazing things you can make from pumpkins.


Treasure Hunt

Kids love a good treasure hunt and there is no reason why you can’t scroll out a map and deck out the yard with spooky surprises. The children could find all sorts of fun and creepy things, such as a giant Crab or man-eating Lobster. Perhaps they will happen upon some beastly claws that have been busy clawing, or dare to enter the shed of Cthulhu, where the tentacle-faced Mask of Cosmic Dominion is said to await the wearer. Or maybe the garage could become a coup of doom where the fabled Crocochicken of Dunly is known to roost.


Zoom Storytelling

Pick a background to screenshot from one of your favourite midnight flicks, make your mask (Death is always a good choice) and Zoom into someone’s life as a ghastly entity of terrifying tales. During initial lockdown we had a blast doing this in our daily Zoom meetings, which is detailed in our previous blog. If you are stuck for ideas, just go with your Zoom background and retell the scene in your most horrifying recounting.

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