MacSwordfish Unleash a Proper Gnasher: Wolves

MacSwordfish is a fantastic young band from the Netherlands that used our Masks (to great effect) in their new music video for "Wolves". My interpretation of this slice of distopian fun harks back to the fun fallout years of the eighties. This was the time of classic schlocktreatment films such as Repo Man and Class of Nuke 'Em High. Perhaps it is the menacing lab-coat-like outfits the wolf people are wearing that trigger these associations?

However, the music doesn't have an ounce of schlock or eighties about it. The band sounds urgent, raw and visceral, which leads me to believe that the recording session must have been live takes in the studio based on the vibes emanating from the speakers. I do know that the session was appropriately captured on tape and unlike many modern-day throwback analogue recording attempts, this one avoids the done-to-death 'Lo-Fi' characteristic, which (in my opinion) is often used to mask a poor recording. This track exudes the full-fat-frequencies of a well-engineered analogue mix.

If you dig the proper gnasher that is 'Wolves' as much as we do, check out the links to the MacSwordfish website, SoundCloud and YouTube Channel for more music, videos and contact information.

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