Creating a Fictional Robot Company

The Narrative Behind the Masks

We love a good story be it folklore, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or anything that captures the imagination while simultaneously allowing it to run free. With many of the mask sets, Steve and I had so much fun creating characters and worlds. In our minds, the mask sets and the stories are symbiotic - each supporting the other. It gives the masks life and something for our builders to fuel their imaginations with. The narrative behind the characters makes them something more than mere masks. We are grateful to our community for the time they invest in what we offer, so our role is to make everything we create together as immersive as possible. It’s cool enough to have a sound-reactive LED mask, but even cooler to imagine it was made by an industrial robot company that builds bots for construction and automated operations.

The Kenton Robotics concept originated when Steve and I needed a large, industrial robot company to tie into a story. Essentially, Kenton Robotics is a fictional company created for the ongoing expansion of the Thundergate saga. The company plays a large role in the world we are creating and releasing our limited run of 3D-printed, sound-reactive masks under our fictional robot company blurs the line of reality and fantasy. The Primary Shell is styled to fit in with the aesthetic vision for the story and the sound-reactive LED's exude a futuristic, autonomous prowess. The Primary Shell is essentially a creation within a creation. We hope you enjoy this approach and we hope to bring you more from Kenton Robotics in the future.


Wintercroft Kenton Robotics Logo Sketches


Company Details – Logos and Numbering

Remember when all of our favourite movies came out on DVD? What was so cool about them (besides being able to pause without those glitchy VHS lines that people now ironically add back in for vintage appeal) was the DVD extras. All of the sudden, we got behind the scenes mini-documentaries that showed us the painstaking detail behind all our iconic childhood creatures and worlds. Steve and I are currently building the foundation of the Thundergate world and creating the logo for one of the major entities helped bring it to life. Steve, with the help of his daughter, stayed up a little past bedtime developing the “K” logo that you see in its developmental stages above.


Wintercroft Numbering System


The forms seen above are the decimal numerical system developed by Steve and graphic designer Lee Bruce when we made our Drum Lamps. The goal was to have an attractive numbering system that served the utilitarian function of tab joining reference during the build, but also looked interesting when the lamp was lit upon completion. The symbols evoke ancient and futuristic overtones, which tie in nicely with the world we imagine in Thundergate, so we thought we’d work them into our Robot Company’s corporate identity. To find out more about the creation of Kenton Robotics follow this link: Learn More. For full specification and to secure your Primary Shell, click on the image below.


3D-Printed, Sound-Reactive LED Mask

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