Animal Within

Animal Within was created in front of a live audience at the Photo & Film Expo 2015 in Johannesburg. The series explores the current human condition of detachment through Animalism. Animalism is the concept that we as humans are intrinsically just animals, set apart from other creatures simply by our cognitive thinking... our self-awareness. The idea of acting on one’s animalistic instincts and giving in to desire is sometimes perceived in a negative light, but I imagine it more as giving in to free abandon on the dancefloor... a concept we could probably all relate to. Savage and untamed, yet graceful and charged with energy. This amazing series of photos was captured using only in-camera techniques without photo-manipulation.


Team Credits: Capture & Retouching | Natalie Field Photography -
Photographic Assistant | Mamaki Rakotsoana
Fashion | Lizan Zondagh Couture -
Masks | Wintercroft -
MUAH | Tris Alves -
Model/Dancer | Samantha Supra at Wessels Dance Studio -

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