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If you have enjoyed building one of our masks yourself, or have a friend or family member that loves to build things, why not gift them the experience of creative craft?

Our physical gift cards enable you to send something personalised and special in the post.

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EU & Rest of the World: £2.45

Gift Card

How to order

1. Select the type of mask template you wish to gift, either Standard Mask or a Trophy Mask (keep in mind the different pricing for the Trophy Mask templates due to the extra wall mount included).

2. Select how many you would like, i.e. one, two or one of our pre-existing sets of four mask templates and add it to the cart ready for checkout.

3. Then, enter the address of the recipient you wish to gift in the Shipping Address form in your cart.

To gift a specific mask template, send us an email specifying which design you would like.

If you wish to include a short, personalised message, email us with your order number and we'll hand-write it on the card before posting for an extra personalised touch.

We will send the gift card with a voucher code for the mask template you have chosen to your giftee.


Terms and Conditions

The Gift Card is non-refundable, and may not be sold. Gift Cards cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed. The Gift Card expires 12 months after date of purchase.


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