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Doberman Mask for LEGO Minifigures

These 3D-Printed minimasks are based on our ever-popular Doberman and will fit on any LEGO minifigure, transforming them into entirely new characters. All minimasks are hand-finished, boiled and dyed by Steve. Build a cool environment for their story to unfold, or proudly display your two favourite creative pastimes on your desk at work as a conversation starter.


What is it that gives LEGO a seemingly magic staying power through the decades of video games, smart phones, apps and other digital distractions that threaten to put old playthings in the past? The answer is you. We’ll never lose interest in LEGO because we can build anything we can imagine out of those colourful little bricks. Many have noted the parallels in the experience of building Steve’s Masks and so we thought it would be a cool thing to make minimasks for minifigures.

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DISCLAIMER: LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies. These accessories are designed by Steve Wintercroft with no affiliation with, or endorsement from, the LEGO Group. We do not accept any responsibility for your minifigures joining a masked secret society.