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Cursebreaker - Limited Edition 8-bit Sword Pendant


Remember the days before deadlines, rollouts, cascades and so-called power lunches? You were free as the wind that blew your rattail as you skated down to the arcade. It’s your duty now to defend that freedom with the 8-Bit Sword Pendant. Those with the power to wield it need not be slaves to the system any longer. Reset life by putting your name on the high score screen and get your order in now. 8-bit power pendants are worn by those that won’t be ruled.

Forged in bloodletting bronze,or serpent slaying silver, your Sword Pendant is then hand-finished by magic swordsmiths of the Hidden Hills. Available with or without elvish waxen chord or Germanic stainless steel chain (bronze only), we ship our pendants free, worldwide in beautiful hand-folded boxes. 

Full payment will be taken when you place your order and your pendant will be forged on the 27th of July 2019.



Pre-order now to add your name to the High Score Table and claim your place in the forging line. Summon your Cursebreaker now and payment will be taken when you place your order. The 26th of July 2019 is that last date you can claim your destiny before the fires are lit. The Swordsmiths of the Hidden Hills will need some time to forge your sword, so allow 2-3 weeks from the 27th to receive your Limited Edition 8-Bit pendant.

Wintercroft 8-bit Sword Pendant Lego Man

BRONZE OR SILVER: Our Bronze and Silver pendants are hand-cast in process that captures a high level of detail. The Bronze will vary in colour slightly but is largely a reddish gold colour similar to rose gold. It has a subtle marbling effect, and the silvery highlights give each piece their own character. We have chosen to present our silver pendants unpolished to display the unique surface texture that is created by the casting process. The Cursebreaker also endows the wielder with infinity lives and protection from stray curses. 

International Shipping:

If you are buying from outside the UK please be aware that we have no control over any import duty that might be added by your country of residence You will be responsible for any additional import taxes or charges.

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