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The Holiday Season is a great time to share the things you care about with the people you love. When families spend time actively making masks or engaging in creative play, many wonderful things happen, strengthening bonds and creating happy memories along the way. You can find something unique, interactive and beautiful for all your family and friends right here. We all know someone who’s hard to choose a gift for, so we’ve included some personality types to help guide you toward the right gift option. Let’s get started.


For folks who enjoy making

If you've enjoyed building our masks and want to share the experience with family or friends over the upcoming holidays, we've got the perfect solution. GIFT CARDS are sent in the post with your handwritten message or digitally if preferred. Each card contains a unique code that can be redeemed at our web shop. This is an easy way to share the fun of mask making with someone you care about. Building a DIY Mask from our templates is a great family activity when it’s cold outside and there will be plenty of packaging and cardboard to build something amazing from after the presents are opened.


For unique individuals

Buying jewellery for a loved one can be challenging if you want it to be a complete surprise. Our range of unisex boutique jewellery makes it easy with beautiful contemporary pendants that arrive in hand-folded presentation boxes. We’ve also included free international shipping for the holidays. “It was a gift for my sister and she fell in love with the entire packaging as well as the pendant. Great service and loved the personal hand-written note… It's the little things! Fantastic business. I'll be back for more.” – Jennifer R.


For active children

A Dragon’s Favourite Food is a creative family adventure pack that is the perfect children’s gift for the holidays. The kit comes shipped with everything you need to build masks, decode maps, recite spells and become immersed in a creative adventure for the whole family like no other. Kid builders also love our new Printed Children’s Animal Set which comes in a pack of four or seven masks designed to be made by young children and parents together.


For the whole family

Our range of Press Out Mask Books covers all ages and interests, bringing them together in an experience they can enjoy together. With our Jungle Animal Mask Book Set, little ones will glow in the satisfaction of building their favourite jungle animal. With four masks and one free digital mask voucher code included, you can get your whole family building with just this one book. For older builders, go with a classic Skull and we all know someone who is obsessed with Game of Thrones. This season, Wintercroft is here. Your beloved GOT fan can build a Mask and even mount their new head on the wall.


For creative spaces

What if the home in which we gather during the holidays was surrounded by beautiful objects made by the family? Our new Drum Lamp Kits are fun and easy to build, look amazing and some would even say it glows. This is a perfect gift for the architect, modern homeowner, or puzzle enthusiast in your circle. Find out more about our new screen-printed pendant shades and artist collaboration editions in the lighting design range while you are shopping.


For stylish sustainability

From classic low poly mask designs to eye-pleasing abstract symbols, our range of 100% organic cotton clothing is sure to please the green-minded creative special someone this season. Peruse the whole collection and find out more about our sustainable fashion line, manufacturing from a wind-powered UK manufacturer.


For the world's coolest tiny figures

What is it that gives action figures and buildable play sets a seemingly magic staying power through the decades of video games, smart phones, apps and other digital distractions that threaten to put old playthings in the past? The answer is you. We’ll never lose interest in playing with real toys because we can build worlds from our imagination without digital stimulus. Our minimasks will fit on the world's most iconic tiny figures, transforming them into new characters. A great stocking stuffer!


We're so happy to be celebrating another Holiday Season with all of you around the world and we are thankful for the experiences we share daily. It bring us warmth and maintains our ability to create new and innovative things to enjoy together.

Whichever way you choose to spend the holidays, we hope you enjoy it to the fullest with active family time together making masks, lamps and happy memories along the way. We’ll be doing the same and wish you all a wonderfully creative Christmas and happy new year!

– Steve, Marianne and Fletch