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Our builders have been asking for this for a long time and Steve had to travel to realms beyond to seek the serpent-headed one. This is not intended for first time builders and is our most involved papercraft build adventure yet. Expect a 6-8 hour build.

This gorgeous gorgon can freeze a mortal into stone with a single glance. A restless nest of serpents writhes atop her head as a living crown of warning to those who dare approach. You are beauty, you are beast, you are MEDUSA.

  • Perhaps our most anticipated and requested mythical creature ever, we are proud to present this papercraft design of one of the most iconic mythical entities of all time. This build has experienced mask makers in mind, but those who dare embark on such a dangerous journey will emerge as heroes upon completion.  

  • Simply print the templates on paper, stick them to card, cut them out, match the numbers and join the tabs together. The Mask is scaled to fit an adult but you can make children's masks by scaling down the templates when you print - check our FAQ page for details. The templates come with instructions for an internal head band that can be adjusted by moving the fixing points to get a snug fit. Some templates are supplied with component colour guides to help you create identifiable markings unique to the Mask.

    • Supplied as an instant access PDF that you can download and print on any home printer
    • Choose to build with tape or gluing tabs
    • Robust polygon construction to survive the wildest of parties
    • Ideal for festivals, parties, special events or simply for fun
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    Will K.
    United States United States

    Very challenging, ultimately satisfying

    I enjoyed this build. The snakes were hard to understand until I realized the snakeheads are all actually identical so you can factory make those. And it's hard to figure out how the snakes connect to the facemask.

    Wintercroft Medusa Mask Review
    Pablo M.
    Spain Spain

    Awesome and challenging!

    As usual, the experience of assembling a Wintercroft mask is a joy.... But this time it has also become a challenge! The snake heads were quite something, one by one, and then putting them all together. I was very satisfied by the result, and I can't wait to see what new challenge is waiting....

    Wintercroft Medusa Mask ReviewWintercroft Medusa Mask Review
    Canada Canada

    Very satisfying to finish. Challenging but one of my favourite builds

    This one has lots of pieces going this way and that which will be confusing for someone who is new to wintercroft mask making. If you are patient though, you can get it done. I started with the snakes, I didn't find it too hard to organize them into their little separate snake piles. I found if I lined up to build 3 or so at a time (too many and it can get cluttered), I could glue a tab and let it set while I moved to the next. This keeps you working on the same sections of snake at a time, which helps your technique. For sure the most challenging part. The head can be tough to set right, the way some of the bodies wrap it can be difficult to reach in deep enough to glue a tab down. A skinny straight edge butter knife is helpful for this. Once you finish and attach all the snakes together it is super satisfying and cool looking. You can wear it like a big headband before you attach the face. The face build is simple and straightforward. Attach them together starting from the middle and voila. For complex builds like this I prefer to use a glue stick (UHU is my go to) to be able to squish/wiggle and perfectly line up the tabs. If the mask is just for display or occasional wear, the glue stick is plenty strong enough. If you plan more rigorous use, after the mask is complete I go over each tab's edge with PVA PH neutral glue ($$$) which leaves a rock hard, clear little "weld" over the edges of your tabs that will pretty much make those connections bomb proof. The glue is a bit runny, takes long to dry (+10 mins) and moistens the paper a bit if you use too much, so I do not recommend this glue for the whole build. It doesn't have great wiggle factor for perfect line-ups and kinda mangles the tab if you need to redo any. Overall super fun! I gave this one away as a gift but when I remake it, it would be fun to add little red eyes and black stripes the the snakes

    Wintercroft Medusa Mask ReviewWintercroft Medusa Mask Review


    This is a fantastic bit of feedback and we love to hear about your process - some great ideas there. Your Medusa looks amazing and we hope you enjoy future mask builds. Let us know if we can help anytime.

    A Wintercroft Customer
    Alan A.
    Mexico Mexico

    One **** of a build

    I used 230 grams paper and it was just perfect to tackle all those small twists and folds. I also used Pritt stick, double- sided tape and for some challenging tabs a little instant glue. At first it was a little daunting to understand how everything would connect, but the little by little it made sense. The only problem i had was when joining all the snakes together 'cause the diagram skips the (O) to (Q) pieces, so i had to figure out how to join those. Everything else is perfect :) Grettings from Mexico.

    Tony S.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Twists and turns.

    This time I made sure the scale was correct, my printer initially printed 8mm out. I started with the face. The twists and turns involved to produce this are fascinating. With a little patience it appears in your hands. I really enjoyed the whole process, Pleased with the result.

    Wintercroft Medusa Mask ReviewWintercroft Medusa Mask ReviewWintercroft Medusa Mask Review