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You may ask yourself, “What is this horrible horned thing? Isn’t it supposed to be the warm and fluffy holiday season?” Allow us to explain. Here at Wintercroft, we love mythologies and mythical creatures, so we are devilishly delighted to bring you Steve’s version of the legendary Krampus in vivid No Poly. Lock up the children, break out the brandy and bask in the malevolence of our latest design.

Half Masks leave the back of a human head exposed. All you need is a bit of ribbon or elastic for a headband and you’ll be ready to go. We hope you enjoy the build as much as the finished Mask.

Please keep in mind that this is one of our more demanding mask builds.
  • For those that are unaware, the Krampus is a Northern European folklore legend. Basically, he is the horned and hooved henchman of St. Nick. Yes, behind the beardy chuckles and rosy cheeks, Santa keeps some sinister company. It is said that on December 5th, the naughtiest of naughty children are taken in a basket by the fork-tongued demon. Parents can try and ply the beast with brandy, but beware the bleating and hearken to the rattling of jangling bells on rusty chains.

  • Simply print the templates on paper, stick them to card, cut them out, match the numbers and join the tabs together. The Mask is scaled to fit an adult but you can make children's masks by scaling down the templates when you print - check our FAQ page for details. The templates come with instructions for an internal head band that can be adjusted by moving the fixing points to get a snug fit.

    • Supplied as an instant access PDF that you can download and print on any home printer
    • Choose to build with tape or gluing tabs
    • Robust No Poly construction to survive the wildest of parties
    • Ideal for festivals, parties, special events or simply for fun
    • Our No Poly Masks are our latest advancement in Papercraft Mask design. Whilst in keeping with our overall manifesto of helping you to create beautiful and fun things, No Poly is a completely new design-and-build experience for you - a preternatural evolution from the restrictions of Low Poly - that lets us push the boundaries of what can be achieved.


These masks are designed to be easily built by anyone, using local materials, removing the need for mass manufacturing or shipping and with the minimum environmental impact.

  • They are supplied along with a set of instructions as a PDF that you download immediately and print on any home printer.
  • They are supplied plain white so that you can decorate the finished mask however you like.
  • You are buying the templates and instructions only. You will also need access to a printer, paper, card, tape, and scissors.
  • The masks are designed to be easy to build: you don't need to be some sort of arts and crafts wizard.

Use this file to make as many masks as you like for yourself but please don’t share or steal the templates as there was a lot of work involved in creating them. If you want to use them for any other reason then please get in touch.

By purchasing and downloading our mask templates
you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of use

  • The files are protected by copyright and are not to be shared or distributed in any way.
  • The templates and completed masks are for personal use only.
  • The masks and templates will not be used for commercial purposes without prior consent.
  • Selling items made from our templates and designs is prohibited.




By Fletcher Stewart


Twenty moons before Christmas, in a blacked out old house
The final squeak echoed from a dying old mouse
The brandy glass clattered on the old silver tray
Set out in offering, to send horned one away
The children lay silent, shivering in bed
Cold sweat and tears crystallised on their heads
Mum sat up knitting in nerve-jitter trance
While I poked at the flames in their last dying dance
Just as the last of the wood gave a crackle
The fire snuffed out from a soul-freezing cackle
I went to the window reluctant and fearful
And saw silhouettes that slayed all thoughts cheerful
The twisted old trees seemed to grab at the moon
While horned and hunched something loomed in the gloom
Hot breath like death clouds methodically pumped
Then with a grunt and a sprunt the thing jumped
With a gasp of sheer terror, I turned to my wife
Rocking faster face-frozen, like a doll without life
I saw little things skitter out on the lawn
It was then that I knew we would never see dawn
I fled toward the attic where the children lay wake
And heard something huge that made my bones quake
The clopping of hind legs, hooves cracking shingles
A hacking from Hades that made my spine tingle
The chimney breast wheezed mortar dust from the banging
When down dropped the chains and the hooks all a-hanging
Down came the hooves crushing hearth like an anchor
Out puffed a pungence of hideous rancour.
Then came the claws with nightmarish clacking
Feeling the floor spider-like in their tapping
It was then that the beast revealed hideous form
It was dressed all in dead things all rotting and torn
Rank rancid clouds plumed out from its gizzard
Sniffing young ones with forked tongue fit for a lizard
Yellow eyes burned, spying something delicious
Arms reached out branchlike macabre and malicious
It loped toward the kids, snatched them up like a ladle
Savouring screams in its devilish cradle
It grunted with glee, eyes and teeth all-a-flicker
As it stuffed the children into their prison of wicker
I begged, and I pleaded “please give them a chance!”
It clopped and it bleated in sinister dance
It burst through the window with its terrible yield
And bounced basked in moonlight through ash-laden fields
The events of that night will poison me ever
Every 5th of December comes unholy weather
The snow falls grey and the crows all flock
To torment my soul on the black Krampusnacht.


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    A Wintercroft Customer
    Alan H.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Great Low-Poly Krampus

    While it is a complex build, a lot easier than carving one out of wood! This was my first Low-poly, and took a few tests to get the hang of curling the paper - which I highly recommend and it means you can control the curves. It is a slightly different approach to the normal masks, just takes a little more thinking but well worth it in the end. As a Krampus fan, the design fits well with the history and imagery of True Krampus - and the design makes it easy to play with the colours. Spent last Halloween standing in a poorly lit window scaring the bejasus out of any trick or treaters - highly recommended, especially with the Dragon Claws!

    Wintercroft Krampus Mask ReviewWintercroft Krampus Mask ReviewWintercroft Krampus Mask ReviewWintercroft Krampus Mask Review
    Hernando S.
    United States United States

    Krampus Mask Horn review

    Experience was good. To be honest I bought this mask for the horns. I’ve only assembled those parts of the mask. Process is very similar prices for horns on other masks. It’s was easy as this so the 10th set of horns I’ve made using your templates.