Glasses friendly halloween costumes


Halloween is here again, and we have curated our top ten glasses-friendly Halloween masks for all of you spec-sporting builders out there. The clickable designs you see below were chosen for their roomy interiors and overall ease of use for those who wear glasses. Created to help those who face the common masquerade dilemma “can I wear this with my glasses?”, we hope you find this guide useful for many Halloweens to come. So, in no particular order, here are 10 of our favourite masks to wear with glasses.



Number 1 - The Skull

Our iconic low-poly Skull has been turning heads since 2014 and its spacious cranium provides ample room to glasses beneath the empty eyes. The soulless sockets are large enough to give excellent visibility and the other face holes help to promote airflow and reduce fogging.


Number 2 - The Dragon

Another mask with a spacious interior the Dragon creates an imposing silhouette. Its gaping maw of blade like teeth makes for great ventilation as your bespectacled gaze falls on the unworthy from behind the eyes of the ultimate predator.


Number 3 - The Wolf

Feel the chilling breeze through your gaping jaws and alert, predatory ears. With lots of space inside your Wolf Mask to hide your spectacles, there's still plenty of room for your glasses and grim intentions. 


Number 4 - The Imp

Devilishly stylish with it's close fitting design, the Imp Mask is perfect for those wanting to slip on their favourite pair over the mask. The arms will tuck nicely behind your big Impish ears for a sinisterly studious style that will set you apart from other minions of the macabre.  


Number 5 - The Fox

For those looking to celebrate Halloween without becoming monstrous, our classic, iconic Fox Mask does just the trick. A luxuriously spacious interior houses your favourite frames beautifully underneath the Foxy façade.


Number 6 - Varanus 

The lizard-like skull of Varanus sits atop your glasses in a most pleasing way and your sure to turn heads with a visor of razor sharp teeth. What good is the great fire dance of the Fleshless Forest if you can't see your mystic colleagues in full regalia? Add some dark cloth over the face for that invisible man vibe. 


Number 7 - The Cyclops 

Hide your useful pair of eyes and even your glasses under this beastly Cyclops mask and stay safe from envious mono gazers that might be looming about. No one will suspect that you are peering from either side of your gargantuan eye you sneaky mortal you.


Number 8 - The Cat Skull 

Who would've known that a Cat Skull and glasses would be the hottest trend setter of 2020. Nicely balanced and almost open air, this relic of the Fleshless Forest will easily accommodate your favourite set of specs.  


Number 9 - Guilloteeth 

Cramming your bespeckled cranium into this folkloric long head is a joyous revelation. Even wide-rim glasses will fit snugly and comfortably inside this demon likeness. The Devil of Dunly Bridge won't suspect a thing unless he peers closely into your Guilloteeth.


Number 10 - Death 

It's important for Death to be able to decipher the deserved amongst his mortal flock and so we designed this No Poly Skull Mask so that even wide frames will sit nicely on the bridge of the nose. One can even use a pair of shades to wear over the mask, securing it closely to the face. Nifty.




Most glasses will fit the mentioned masks no problem, but it all depends on the shape and style of your specs. The full head masks are fairly spacious. Steve has designed the masks to fit his own head (he is 6’ 5” tall, with a head circumference of 62cm) so the full head masks are all quite roomy inside. It might be a matter of negotiating the mask on over the glasses with a bit of wiggling, but once on it should be fine. On most of the full head masks you can get away with making a couple of small slits at the back of the mask to create a flap if you need more wiggle room to get the masks on. The Doberman, Dragon V2, Cat and Pumpkin are other masks that come to mind for being nice and roomy.





Check out these awesome festive dudes. Some Half Mask designs, such as the Bearded Man/Festive Hat and Hotel Artemis Skull pictured above can be close fitting around the temples enough to slide a pair of specs or shades over if they are of the larger frame variety. If you have more than one pair, try experimenting with different designs.