January 28, 2022 2 min read


In 2021, we decided that our town needed an alternative Christmas experience and our vision was a highly ambitious, immersive and interactive cardboard labyrinth. As luck would have it, The Old Parcel Office Artspace very kindly offered their venue for use with the project, which was a perfect blank canvas to fill in with our dreams. With hundreds from our local community building with us, we realised this dream together and it turned out to be even more successful than we initially envisioned. 



This project was a brilliant demonstration of what's possible with just an empty room and some creativity. Grue was even more of a gargantuan success than we anticipated and thanks to everyone's participation, the project was featured in international press appearing in the Telegraph, BBC and local press.

"8.7% of our visitors came from outside of the region, representing considerable investment from their perspective, both in time and money. We know from speaking to a number of these visitors that the coverage on BBC Radio 4 Front Row, coupled with the images, is what inspired them to come. We believe Grue has hit a 'sweet spot' between commercial, Christmas event and high quality art installation. It appeals to families who might not usually look for culture, as well as those who would be keen on it." - Rach Drew, ARCADE




293 community members were involved in the build, including school children, college students, guides, local artists, looked after children, firefighters, Youth Justice participants, retired people and many others.

"What some people view as trash or waste can be turned into something beautiful or of value. This could apply to how we treat where we live, or how people see me; who I might have been and who I want to be, and who I have become." - Youth Justice Participant




None of this would have been possible without the invaluable support from all the team at ARCADE, Yorkshire Coast Bid, Invisible Dustand our Kickstarter backers. The incredible energy and generosity from our cardboard providers and local makers proves that ANYTHING is possible if we create together and we are completely inspired by working with our community. Next year's event will be even more grand with a bit longer to plan. We're already dreaming and scheming for the follow-up event.



Designed by Steve, produced by ARCADE and built by people from our local community entirely from waste materials, we proudly present GRUE to you. We realise that not everyone was able to make the journey to our beautiful seaside town for a viewing of GRUE over Christmas, so we uploaded some videos for you to enjoy from home. 

Follow Callisto the reindeer through our cardboard winter wonderland and enjoy the town, moon, sea and forest with a poem by ARCADE's Rach Drew to compliment the awesome clips put together by our friend Nick from Ideosound.