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White Walker - Game of Thrones

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Breaking the boundaries of legend and lore, you walk amongst cowering fearful flesh, freezing the hearts and minds of the once-doubting hordes. In a storm of necromancy that follows your plodding pace, an army of reanimating carrion rises to your primordial cause. The icy touch of the Night King wilts the rose of the infant human, rebirthing them in the pale blue light of frozen immortality. These are your children, your brethren, your Wights. The army is growing. The word is spreading. The dusk of Long Night casts longer shadows with your every stride. You are the whisper that becomes a scream. You are legend. You are legion. You are White Walker.

On top of the amazing book content, we will give you one FREE digital mask template of your choice.

Included with the book that we post to you will be the code that you can use to access your one free Digital Mask. The free digital mask offer applies only to books purchased from our own website.

If there are no shipping options where you live or you are beyond the wall, please email us on info@wintercroft.com and we will find the best way to get a book to you.

  • Easy to make with just glue or tape, this beautifully-rendered Mask Book will transport you into the world of Westeros through creative craft. Like all our Press-Out Mask Books published by Carlton, this one is ethically manufactured using materials from a sustainable source.

    • Beautifully-Embossed Slip case
    • Twelve page instruction booklet
    • Sixteen sheets of press out and build components to create your 3D Trophy Sigil Mask and Wall Mount
    • One voucher code for a free digital mask
    ISBN: 978-1-78097-778-2
  • As with all our Press-Out Mask Books, all the components included within are scored, beautifully-decorated and ready to press out for construction. All you need to start building is some tape or glue, the included headband allows you to easily attach the Mask to a human head - whether freshly-severed or still attached to a body.

  • Our wall-mountable Masks enable you to either display your amazing creation as a fixed work of art, or take it out and about on a domineering quest for victory. It will also keep your new Mask safe from tyrannical toddlers, guard dogs, wildlings, or any other less-developed curious creatures. Your included optional wall mount enables you to proudly show your allegiance to your house or horde. The new wall mounts are lightweight and can be fixed to a wall easily with a nail or whatever is handy. Each mount is designed specifically for the Mask it was built for and will help you preserve your creation while not in use.


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If there are no shipping options where you live or you are beyond the wall, please email us on info@wintercroft.com and we will find the best way to get a book to you.

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Helen W.

An amazing mask White Walker - Game of Thrones

I’ve purchased Wintercroft Mask previously so knew I wouldn’t be disappointed by the White Walker mask. I bought it as a birthday present for my son’s 42nd birthday, he has requested a second to put on his bookcase so that he can put the first one on the wall. Looks like I’m going to have to double up on all the rest in the Game of Thrones Series. A big thank you to Steve and the gang I never have to think about what to get for birthday or Christmas presents again xx

Mark W.

Beautiful set to own and make!

Buy 2 and make 1.