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July 17, 2018



We are proud to stand with PETA and AnimaNaturalis against the archaic act known as the running of the bulls, which is a tradition steeped in wanton cruelty. Even though over 100 Spanish cites have banned bull fighting and the vast majority of people in the world oppose the carnal act, tourists still flock to the event from all over the globe to experience the spectacle. Fortunately, opposition to the medieval act is growing steadily with the aid of organised protest and social media.


Over 100 protesters took to the streets of Pamplona preceding the running of the bulls

Blood-red smoke and thundering drums filled the air, propelling the message through the city. Protesters donning our Bull Masks emblazoned the statement of resistance, while representing the strength and beauty of the animal that was only moments away from a gauntlet of prolonged bloodletting. Sadly, so many still view this as "entertainment" warranted by the thinning guise of tradition. The good news is, we can all do something about it with the help of PETA. Click the button below to take immediate action against this cruel "sport" that costs animals (and innocent bystanders) their lives.

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